Anger Management Treatment

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Anger Management

Our anger management treatment approach is designed to help individuals struggling with anger and impulse control issues. Screening for mood disorder, providing education, establishing mutual goals, and offering ongoing support can help our clients learn healthy ways to manage their emotions and behavior.

What is Anger Management?

Anger management is the process of learning how to control one’s emotions and behavior in response to anger and frustration. Anger can lead to negative consequences, including strained relationships, poor work performance, and legal problems.

How Can Anger Management Treatment Help You?

Sometimes anger can be a manifestation of depression. Appropriate anger management should begin with screening for mental health conditions, such as learning disability, depression, abuse, or illicit substance use. Dawn can offer a range of evidence-based treatment modalities, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, and anger management skills training.

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Anger Management Treatment

Our goal is to help our clients learn healthy ways to manage their anger and behavior, improve their relationships, and reduce the negative consequences of anger.
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